Looks like Lemmy "sub-reddit" are activitypub groups and thus can be followed: @technology


bird.makeup for Hacker News with a focus on being compatible with #lemmy , good or bad idea?

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@vincent Hacker news is feeling more like Reddit lately, would be great to have a Lenny instance that prioritizes quality posts and comments instead of tired memes

@mostlyharmlessz Personally, not a fan of Hacker News. Its voting system (where most users can only upvote comments) encourages controversial and hostile statements rather than insightful discussion.

But as for Lemmy, subscribing to the right communities can help a lot already. A science-community will naturally have less memes, for example.
But yeah, different instances have different cultures, too. Unfortunately, it's usually smaller instances with on-average higher quality posts, so you get the flipside problem of not many posts/comments.

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